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High Performer Truck TD 15W-40

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High Performer Truck TD 15W-40

LB Unifleet Ultra is a product of the LB (Level Back-up) product range. These products are based on the officially approved formulas, using the same high-quality additives, but the base oils have been replaced with equivalent alternatives. This creates equivalent products in terms of quality, with a performance level corresponding to the originally approved products. However, because no field tests have been conducted, the product may be claimed only to meet the mentioned performance levels (meets requirements of)

This engine lubricant is applicable to gasoline and diesel engines (normally- or turboaspirated) even under the toughest operation conditions and all the year round. This engine oil has a special additive system and may therefore be used, when fuels with relatively high sulphur contents are involved. This special quality of engine oil is mainly developed to allow extended oil drain intervals and to prevent "bore polishing" (=cylinder-wear) in diesel engines. Also is this product suitable for application in Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines.
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